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Just one thing

(2024) by Michael Moseley. Scores of evidence informed ideas to test in maintaining and improving our health and well being. CLICK HERE

The expectation effect

(2022) by David Robson. A series of illuminating radio programmes on how our expectations affect outcomes. Suggesting a powerful impact on health, diet, sleep and health span. There is also a book with the same title. CLICK HERE

The rule of not too much

(2008) Adam Phillips. An essay, suggesting the poverty of long term injustice is emotionally unbearable and at times individually unsurmountable. So we may look instead for religions (or other belief systems) to recognise us and to provide gods 'to die for.' CLICK HERE

The lemonade lads 

(2021) by Faebian Averies. Touching BBC audio drama about two people helping each other. CLICK HERE

How our genes can make us fat

(2021) The life scientific. BBC Radio 4. Giles Yeo talks to Jim Al-Khalili about the powerful influence our genes have on how we put on weight, and why many of us struggle to lose it. CLICK HERE


To his coy mistress

(1681) poem by Andrew Marvell. 'At my back I always hear, Time’s winged chariot hurrying near.' CLICK HERE

Leap before you look

(1940) by WH Auden. 'A solitude ten thousand fathoms deep. Sustains the bed on which we lie, my dear. Although I love you, you will have to leap; Our dream of safety has to disappear.'CLICK HERE

The man who mistook his wife for a hat

(1985) by Oliver Sacks. Humane and illuminating accounts of patients with various neurological conditions. Wonderful. Free review. CLICK HERE

Our secret relationship with money

(2020) by Andrew Perry. I am part of a wider problem of people not talking about our money. I become part of a change by doing so here. CLICK HERE


(2020) by Adam Phillips. The psychology of money in therapy and elsewhere. 'Money buys the conditions for a possible cure but not the cure itself..more money does not buy you more cure.' A psycho dynamic perspective. CLICK HERE

The surprisingly simple way to take personal responsibility

(2022) by Andrew Perry. 'It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities.' - Josiah Stamp CLICK HERE


(1943) by Rudyard Kipling. Wonderful poem detailing the challenges of good enough living e.g. 'If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster. And treat those two impostors just the same.' CLICK HERE


An evil cradling

(1991) by Brian Keenan. Autobiographical account of being a hostage in Beruit. 'From horror has come something wonderful.' Free 39 page preview. CLICK HERE

The biggest ever Tim Vine joke book

(2010) Innnoculation against the enormity of existence. For when life feels too serious. Free 40 page preview. #farce #futility #tickles  CLICK HERE


I can't get no (job) satisfaction 

(2013) Ted talk by Stephen Kellogg. Find out how 'work became [for him] like pizza or sex. Something that even when it's bad is pretty great.' CLICK HERE

23 & 1/2 hours & The single most important thing you can do to deal with stress

(2011) by Dr Mike Evans. Direct and accessible visual arguments on how we can improve our health in 30 minutes per day. One of a series of white board health animations. CLICK HERE 


The school of life

(2020) You tube channel featuring hundreds of animations to help people cope with life including psycho dynamic approaches. Highly recommended. CLICK HERE   e.g. Taking it one day at a time (2019) by the school of life. Down to earth video reminder that our lives are lived one day at a time and how we might reflect that for the benefit of our health. CLICK HERE

The story of Nicholas Winton 

(2017) Moving story of how much we can help other people in our lives. CLICK HERE

The forgiveness project

(2020) A catalogue of personal stories about how people have forgiven in extraordinary circumstances. Complex and humbling. CLICK HERE

Any one of us

(2020) by Paul Basagoitia. Programme on dealing with spinal cord injury. Timely reminder of our fragility and the sometimes arbitrary nature of health. CLICK HERE

Liv Boeree 

(2020) A great Youtube channel for understanding more about the big, and little, questions of life using psychology and other scienceCLICK HERE

Christopher Robin

(2018) film starring Ewan McGregor that asks our adult selves what should happen if we forget about our child selves. The resultant neglect and depression speak for themselves. Free trailer. CLICK HERE

Image by Mika Baumeister

Videos, audio and publications on General Health

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Videos, audio and publications on Anxiety

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intimacy & sexuality

Videos, audio and publications on Intimacy & Sexuality

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Videos, audio and publications on Mental Health

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Death & Dying

Videos, audio and publications on Death, Dying & Suicide

Managing emotions​

Videos, audio and publications on Managing Emotions

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Videos, audio and publications on Pain


Videos, audio and publications on parenting.

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Educational Courses that may be of interest

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Links to my publications and articles

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Psychological therapy​​​​

Videos, audio and publications on Pshycological Therapy

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Social psychology 

Videos, audio and publications on Social Psychology

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Videos, audio and publications on Relationships

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depression & suicide

Videos, audio and publications on Depression


Videos, audio and publications on ME/CFS

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Videos, audio and publications for Veterans

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Videos, audio and publications on Anger

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Videos, audio and publications on Addiction

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