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Project implicit 

(2020) A Harvard University project which taps into your unconscious beliefs. Invites us to acknowledge them without blame. A great shortcut to greater self awareness.​​ CLICK HERE

Innoculation Science

(2023). Social psychological resources (videos and games) to educate us against the popular misinformation strategies of those who would seek to manipulate us. Uses innoculation theory, the biological idea we can protect ourselves from thereat by being exposed to a small dose of it. CLICK HERE


How to start a movement 

(2010) by Derek Sivers. Stunning social psychology in action. CLICK HERE

The truman show

(1998) with Jim Carrey. A disturbing movie which parallels a process of how we can be seduced in to believing an imaginary world is real. Rather than solely representing other peoples' desire for entertainment. Free 20 minute overview. CLICK HERE

The beach

(2000) book and film about travelling to find new experiences. The resultant escape and jarring realities illustrate the complexities of this kind of adventure. CLICK HERE


Seven Deadly Psychologies

(2023) by Becky Ripley & Sophie Ward (BBC Radio 4.) The science and psychology behind each of the seven deadly sins pride, lust, gluttony, sloth, greed, envy & lust. Wonderful.  #psychology #evolution '#science CLICK HERE

The new gurus

(2023) by Helen Lewis. Series of radio programmes exploring the myriad of additional faiths available in the digital age. A meta view. CLICK HERE

The psychology of bravery and courage 

(2021) Audio programme looking at how we can turn the habit of helping into a primer for bravery and courage. CLICK HERE

The psychology of crowds 

(2020) by Stephen Reicher. Audio interview describing how a crowd can have social identity, limits and power. CLICK HERE


The science of evil 

(2018) by BBC Radio 4. Details the complex history of social psychology. CLICK HERE

The importance of fairness

(2020) by BBC World Service. Why it pays to be fair or the economics of co-productive relationships.



The escape artist

(2022) by Johnathan Freedland. Inspirational and humbling story of Rudolf Vrba who sought to tell his truth whatever the consequences. '...refusing to “serve up a morally comfortable narrative in which the only villains were the Nazis”.' CLICK HERE  There is also a wonderful podcast about the same. CLICK HERE

The 5D's of bystander intervention 

(2023) by the Right to be. 'The 5Ds are different methods – Distract, Delegate, Document, Delay and Direct – that you can use to support someone who’s being harassed, emphasise that harassment is not okay, and demonstrate to people in your life that they have the power to make their community safer.' CLICK HERE

The arrival

(2006) ShaunTan. Beautiful picture book illustrating the processes of emigration and immigration.


We other narcissists 

(2020) Journal article by William Rees. Suggests our narcissism will be challenged by our inevitable dependence on other people and self doubt. Over reliance on our current narcissistic self image can lead us to be hypersensitive, sad and irritable. Reflecting a series of continual resisted losses. Instead it may be more healthy to subject our desired self image to continual re-evaluation and reformation. CLICK HERE


(2020) by Rutger Bregman. Details research and narrative into human nature. Deconstructs many famous studies in social psychology. The link contains a review and a podcast of the author discussing the work. CLICK HERE


(2023) book by Arline Geronimus. Details the evidence that suggests daily discrimination leads to debilitating illness and early death. Free review. CLICK HERE

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Videos, audio and publications on General Health

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Videos, audio and publications on Anxiety

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intimacy & sexuality

Videos, audio and publications on Intimacy & Sexuality

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Videos, audio and publications on Mental Health

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Death & Dying

Videos, audio and publications on Death, Dying & Suicide

Managing emotions​

Videos, audio and publications on Managing Emotions

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Videos, audio and publications on Pain


Videos, audio and publications on parenting

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Educational Courses that may be of interest

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Links to my publications and articles

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Psychological therapy​​​​

Videos, audio and publications on Pshycological Therapy

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Social psychology 

Videos, audio and publications on Social Psychology

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Videos, audio and publications on Relationships

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depression & suicide

Videos, audio and publications on Depression


Videos, audio and publications on ME/CFS

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Videos, audio and publications for Veterans

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Videos, audio and publications on Anger

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Videos, audio and publications on Addiction

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