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Depression & suicide



7 Minutes

(2023). Short film about two people preparing to take their own lives. Sometimes we are the difference. CLICK HERE

All my friends hate me 

(2021) Viseceral film of a re-enactment of group gas lighting, sadism, paranoia & eventual suicide. Powerful and affecting (free trailer.) CLICK HERE

'I had a black dog' & 'living with a black dog'

(2008) both by Matthew & Ainslie Johnstone. Gentle and moving animated explanations of depression. CLICK HERE


Depression the secret we share 

(2013) by Andrew Soloman. Compelling account of the lived experience of depression. Suggests 'our needs are our greatest assets.' CLICK HERE


This could be why you're depressed or anxious

(2019) Ted talk by Johann Hari. The social psychology of depression and anxiety. CLICK HERE

The red tree

(2019) by Shaun Tan. 'I need not a reason to end my life I need a reason not to.' Beautiful animation of finding light somewhere in the darkness. CLICK HERE

Life after suicide

(2019) by Angela Samata. Moving documentary about how people cope after someone they love commits suicide. CLICK HERE

How to save a life

(2010) song by the Fray. Outlines steps to suicide prevention. 'Step one, you say we need to talk. He walks, you say sit down, it's just a talk. He smiles politely back at you You stare politely right on through.' CLICK HERE


Reasons to stay alive 

(2021) by Matt Haig. Visceral and immersive audio account of living with mental illness. CLICK HERE


(2023) by Ripley, B., & Ward, S. Seven Deadly Psychologies, (BBC Radio 4)  Can we want what others have without being riddled with resentment? In addition comparing ourselves to others is often related to lower mood. CLICK HERE

Preventing suicide

(2023) BBC programme outlining effective ways to help people choose to live. Clear and concise CLICK HERE


How not to kill yourself 

(2023 by Clancy Martin. In depth portrait of a suicidal mind and how he chose to live. CLICK HERE

I am not always very attached to being alive 

(2024) by Anna Borges. Article discusses chronic suicidal ideation and how to live alongside it. CLICK HERE

The view from halfway down 

(2022) A poem, by Alison Tafel, detailing what the world might look like once we have decided to jump to our death. CLICK HERE

My experience of depression

(2022) by Andrew Perry. I am part of the problem of the stigma around mental health. I haven't written about my experience of depression before but have worked in mental health for twenty years. CLICK HERE

Mummy est morte

(2020) by Christopher De Bellaigue. Beautiful diary about coming to terms with a parents suicide.


Understanding depression

(2020) by the British Psychological society. Comprehensive psychological perspective on why adults experience depression and what can help. CLICK HERE

SAD lamps; do you really need one and how to buy the best

(2020) by the Consumer association (Which). Clear, brief, guide to seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and the efficacy of lamps to help. CLICK HERE

The woman who went to bed for a year

(2012) book by Sue Townsend. Charming and playful story of how we can deal with the challenge of living. Free great review. CLICK HERE

The noonday demon : an atlas of depression

(2001) book by Andrew Solomon. Suggests depression is ''usually the consequence of a genetic vulnerability activated by external stress.' As thorough an examination as is available on depression. Free 76 page preview CLICK HERE

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depression & suicide

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