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Image by Deva Darshan
Pop culture therapists 

Detailing how mental health is represented in popular culture.​​ CLICK HERE

Hunt for the wilder people 

by Boo Newns, clinical psychologist. Looks at film and TV portrayals of mental health. CLICK HERE

Ted radio hour 

(2020) Wonderful compendium of Ted talks collated around a theme each week. A treasure trove of diverse ideas. ​CLICK HERE

Elefriends forum 

A safe, supportive online community from the charity Mind. CLICK HERE

Smiling mind

Non profit meditation app designed by psychologists. CLICK HERE


Head space 

Free introductory guided mindfulness and meditation course. CLICK HERE


CBTi coach 

From the US department of veterans affairs, offers structured guidance on how to improve your sleep. CLICK HERE​​


The father

(2021) wonderful film starring Anthony Hopkins. An affecting view of relearning. the skill of helplessness, in the context of dementia. Free review CLICK HERE


(2014) song by Mary Lambert. 'I don't care if the world knows what my secrets are.' with thanks to Aylssa Cowell. CLICK HERE

Mental health recovery

(2019) by the Scottish Recovery Network. Simple animation of what mental health recovery might mean for you. CLICK HERE

I'm not sick, I don't need help

(2017) by Dr Xavier Amador. 'Unawareness of illness is a symptom not a coping strategy in psychosis.'


10 warning signs of gaslighting

(2020) by PsychtoGo. Calm and clear animation how we might be manipulated by psychological means into doubting our own sanity. One of a series of animated practical psychology videos from the PsychtoGo You tube channel. CLICK HERE 

​​​​​How to make stress your friend

(2013) Ted talk by Kelly McGonigal, 'Changing how you think about stress can make you healthier. Viewing it as an adaptive response to help you perform. Stress can make us social and being social when we feel stressed makes us more resilient to it. CLICK HERE


A conversation with Jacqui Dyer

(2018) by BPS official. Suggests we 'be part of the healing.' Inspirational talk on how we can change. 'A lot of the time anger gets in the way of doing anything.' CLICK HERE

How to not take things personally

(2020) by Frederik Imbo. Great simple talk. 'People may attack you, criticise you or ignore you..but remember.. you will always keep your value.' CLICK HERE

How to deal with dissociation as a reaction to trauma

(2019) by Dr Tracey Marks. Clear explanation of the escape we may use when we feel there is no escape. Part of a series of videos by this psychiatrist. CLICK HERE

Being Gail Porter

(2020) moving personal account of living with mental health problems.  CLICK HERE

Hi Ren
(2023) iterative song about one person's experience of being in their own head. Bright and affecting CLICK HERE
Anorexia nervoso and the mind
(2022) with Jacinta Tan. Fascinating discussion of the thoughts of people with eating disorders. CLICK HERE

Erasing the stigma 

(2021) by Guy Raz. Gentle audio collection of first hand accounts of mental illness. CLICK HERE

Understanding melancholy 

(2021) BBC Radio 4 programme where Mary Ann Lund, Horatio Clare and Ahmed Hankir discuss the causes and cures for mental illness with Amol Rajan. CLICK HERE

NHS audio guides

(2020) provide advice on anxiety, depression and more​. CLICK HERE



(2016) by Akala. Inspirational song detailing how we keep going when we think we have had enough (parental advisory explicit content.) CLICK HERE



(2020) by Peter Fonagy. Audio interview on how we can all help each other by acknowledging, with someone else, our thoughts, feelings and desires, as well as experiencing them. CLICK HERE

ADHD and me

(2020) by Saeedeh Hashemi. Explores the upsides of ADHD for individuals and society. CLICK HERE


I was the poster girl for OCD. Then I began to question everything I’d been told about mental illness

(2024) article by Rose Cartwright. 'Mental health is far more complex and mysterious than any doctor had ever admitted.' CLICK HERE 

Mental health and debt

(2023) by Martin Lewis CBE. Comprehensive advice on dealing with money when we become unwell. Invaluable. CLICK HERE

NHS inform 

(2020). Online self help guides to depression, anxiety, social anxiety, chronic pain and other symptoms. Straightforward summaries of symptoms, possible causes and treatments for each condition, including what you can do to help yourself. A good start to understanding what you may be experiencing. CLICK HERE

Understanding psychosis and schizophrenia 

(2014) edited by Anne Cooke. 'An individual having unusual difficulties in coping with his environment struggles and kicks up the dust...[like] a fish caught on a hook: his gyrations must look peculiar to other fish that don’t understand the circumstances; but his splashes are not his affliction, they are his effort to get rid of his affliction and as every fisherman knows these efforts may succeed.'


Image by Mika Baumeister

Videos, audio and publications on General Health

Image by Christopher Ott

Videos, audio and publications on Anxiety

Image by How-Soon Ngu
intimacy & sexuality

Videos, audio and publications on Intimacy & Sexuality

Image by Deva Darshan

Videos, audio and publications on Mental Health

Image by Sharon McCutcheon
Death & DyinG

Videos, audio and publications on Death, Dying & Suicide

Managing emotions​

Videos, audio and publications on Managing Emotions

Image by Toa Heftiba

Videos, audio and publications on Pain


Videos, audio and publications on parenting

Image by Jason Strull

Educational Courses that may be of interest

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Links to my publications and articles

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Psychological therapy​​​​

Videos, audio and publications on Pshycological Therapy

Image by Rob Curran
Social psychology 

Videos, audio and publications on Social Psychology

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Videos, audio and publications on Relationships

Image by M.T ElGassier
depression & suicide

Videos, audio and publications on Depression


Videos, audio and publications on ME/CFS

Image by Museums Victoria

Videos, audio and publications for Veterans

Image by Caroline O'Brien

Videos, audio and publications on Anger

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Videos, audio and publications on Addiction

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