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Sex mad

(2008) essay by Adam Phillips. Invites us to consider how an excess of sexual desire might lead us to feel mad about sex. Moreover, that this 'excess, makes us judge things before we find out what they are.' Rendering their psychological meaning inaccessible to our, and other peoples, minds. 


The last taboo 

(2022) BBC Radio 4. Sibling sexual abuse could be the most common form of sexual abuse in families. Paradoxically it also appears to have been systematically ignored. Leaving victims sometimes with a false sense of responsibility to 'keep the family together.' CLICK HERE


Blueheart, Lover & Ferly

(2020) Article detailing three apps which aim to help with problems of intimacy and sexuality.



Planet sex 

(2022)  BBC series by Cara Delevingne. Gently paced and thoughtful series covering many aspects of human sexuality. Refreshingly down to earth and clear. 'We don't talk enough about how we can help each other. So let's talk about it.' CLICK HERE

The secret to desire in a long term relationship

(2013) by Ester Perel. How can we continue wanting what we already have? 'Reconciling our need for security and our need for adventure into one relationship. Relying on our ability to stay connected to ourselves in the presence of another. CLICK HERE

Is this sexual harassment?

(2019) by Ben Zand. BBC programme delineating the law around sexual harassment using enacted workplace scenarios i.e. any kind of unwanted behaviour, of a sexual nature, that makes you feel humiliated or intimidated, or that creates a hostile environment. CLICK HERE

That guy

(2022) website with numerous videos and information by Police Scotland. Suggests people we can make a real difference to reducing sexual entitlement by stopping contributing to a culture that targets, minimises, demeans and brutalises others. CLICK HERE

Tea and consent

(2015) by Thames valley police. Wonderfully simple animation to understand consent​ in intimate relationships​. CLICK HERE

The wheel of consent

(2020) a series of videos by Betty Martin. Learn to distinguish between the roles of allowing, accepting, taking and serving in touch. CLICK HERE


10 things you didn't know about orgasm 

(2009) ted talk by Mary Roach. Fun and educational talk about healthy sexual functioning (warning contains adult themes.) ​​CLICK HERE


Trauma is irreversible

(2015) by Sasha Neulinger. Moving video description of one person coming to terms with being sexually abused as a child. CLICK HERE


Eating with my ex

(2020) Watch how over fifty different couples negotiate the end of real intimate relationships. Compelling and life affirming. CLICK HERE


The price of shame

(2015) by Monica Lewinsky. Describes how we can endure shame associated with our sexuality and recover. CLICK HERE

The Ballard of Barry & Freida

(1986) by Victoria Wood. Joyful celebration of the complexities of healthy adult sexuality. CLICK HERE


(1997) by Victoria Wood. Humorous vocal account of being asexual in a sexual world. CLICK HERE

Shirley Valentine 

(1989) 'An extraordinary woman trapped in an ordinary life,' joyful trailer for this wonderful film of self discoveryCLICK HERE


Better sex

(2022) by Andrew Perry. This short article describes four ways people may make mistakes in matters of intimacy and sexuality. Providing clues as to how they might be avoided. CLICK HERE

Is my wife's masturbation killing our sex life?

(2020) article by Pamela Stephenson Connolly. Helpfully distinguishing personal intimacy from shared intimacy. CLICK HERE

An ordinary woman

(2020) short story by Alan Bennett. A moving tale of an incestuous mother and son relationship.


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