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There she goes

(2023) Astonishing drama about living with a child with a disability. Humbling. CLICK HERE

Decoding mother-infant interaction : A story of one mother and infant

(2023) Dr Beatriuce Bebee. Frame by frame analysis of effective attuned mother baby interaction. The basis of secure attachment. CLICK HERE

The giving tree

(2022) Shel Silverstein. An animated children's book detailing one process of giving between a parent and child. Poignant and moving. CLICK HERE

50 Mums, 50 kids, 1 extra chromosone

(2018) Wouldn't change a thing. Beautiful sequence of mums singing with their children. A tearjerker. CLICK HERE

8 things women with autism want you to know

(2018) Iris. Clear accounts of living with autism. CLICK HERE


Help me love my baby

(2007) Channel 4. Documentary following a mother as she attempts to repair and revive the maternal bond with her baby. A psychodynamic approach. CLICK HERE

Inside our autistic minds

(2023) Chris Packham helps people share more of their experience. Wonderful. CLICK HERE



Can you inherit memories from your ancestors?

(2024) article by Hannah Critchlow. Explains how what we do today cascades down across generations including in our physiology. CLICK HERE

Wooden Angels

(2021) Short story by Brianna Ridley. Confronted with her mother’s absence and witnessing her father’s ongoing abuse, a little girl named Shannon turns to a wooden angel for comfort. CLICK HERE 

Identity Development Theory

(2023). 'A well-developed identity is comprised of goals, values, and beliefs to which a person is committed. It is the awareness of the consistency in self over time, the recognition of this consistency by others (Erikson, 1980).' This article describes how we might achieve such a useful identity. CLICK HERE

The magical act of a desperate person

(2013) By Adam Phillips. Suggests that we never totally recover from the sadomasochism of our childhood. Moreover, that we should be dismayed that this same sadomasochism bewitches us into thinking there is nothing else we can do.Text and audio available. CLICK HERE

Families and how to survive them

(1984) by Robyn Skinner & John Cleese. Easily read description of how we might fall in love and develop from babies to adolescents to adults. A psycho dynamic perspective. CLICK HERE


Welcome to Holland 

(1984) Short story by Emily Perl Kingsley.'I am often asked to describe the experience of raising a child with a disability.' CLICK HERE

A brief overview of attachment theory and research

(2020) by R Chris Fraley.'The same motivational system that gives rise to the close emotional bond between parents and their children is responsible for the bond that develops between adults in emotionally intimate relationships.' CLICK HERE

So what exactly is autism?

(2022) Damian Milton for the Autism Education Trust. Clear overview. CLICK HERE

Why can't we remember our early childhood?

(2016) 'The Conversation.' Language, culture and brain development all contribute to childhood amnesia.'The first few years of life are paradoxically forgettable and yet powerful in shaping the adults that we become.' CLICK HERE

Inside Britain's only clinic for trans children

(2023) by Gaby Hinsliff. Thoughtful short piece on the closure of the Tavistock's gender service for children. CLICK HERE


Bringing up Britain (2023) scores of BBC radio 4 programmes (16 series) dealing with one parenting dilemma at a time. Clear and balanced. CLICK HERE

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