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Guided meditation to aid sleep and relaxation (free 7 day trial.) Highly recommended. CLICK HERE


A body made of glass : A history of hypochondria

(2024) by Caroline Crampton. 'I am a hypochondriac. Or, at least, I worry that I am, which really amounts to the same thing.' Personal, cultural and historical overview of this condition. Now widely called 'health anxiety.' Free review.


The big idea : What if every little thing you do changes history?

(2024) article by Brian Klaas. 'The paradox, then, is that we control nothing, but we influence everything...everything we do matters.' CLICK HERE

Brief reflection on maps

(1984) From On the Contrary and Other Poems by Miroslav Holub (Newcastle-on-Tyne: Bloodaxe Books, 1984 – translated from Czech by Ewald Osers)

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, who knew a thing about maps,

by which life moves somewhere or other used to tell this story from the war,

through which history moves somewhere or other.

From a small Hungarian unit in the Alps a young lieutenant

sent out a scouting party into the icy wastes.

At once it began to snow, it snowed for two days and the party

did not return. The lieutenant was in distress: he had sent

his men to their deaths.

On the third day, however, the scouting party was back.

Where had they been? How had they managed to find their way?

Yes, the men explained, we certainly thought we were

lost and awaited our end. When suddenly one of our lot

found a map in his pocket. We felt reassured.

We made a bivouac, waited for the snow to stop, and then

with the map found the right direction.And here we are.

The lieutenant asked to see that remarkable map in order to

study it. It wasn’t a map of the Alps

but the Pyrenees.

Goodbye.  CLICK HERE


There are advantages to worrying

(2023) David Robson. Newspaper article that presents the case for worry. With thanks to @FionaNaylor2  CLICK HERE


My experience of anxiety 

(2020) by Andrew Perry. I am part of a wider problem of forgetting, and hiding, our problematic experiences of anxiety. As if remembering, and communicating, our problematic anxiety rendered us socially toxic. CLICK HERE

Twelve ways to meditate without actually meditating

(2023) by Amy Fleming. Refreshingly simple short article suggesting additional ways to reduce our level of arousal CLICK HERE

First we make the beast beautiful

(2018) book by Sarah Wilson. First hand account of managing problematic anxiety. “I am anxious often, but it’s kept in check if I don’t get anxious about being anxious.” Free review. CLICK HERE

Overworked, Underpaid

(2024) Poem By Brianna Ridley. 'I tried to write down my thoughts as they were then, completely unfiltered—hence the lack of punctuation. I wanted the piece to feel as breathless as I did in those moments.'

Is it true?
The dirt’s clinging to your pajama pants again they want to high five again people’s hands are caked in dirt don’t you know that you can’t see it but it’s there you know it’s there think of what they touched earlier can’t you feel it do something wash your hands for god’s sake get it off please just get it off

Is it realistic?
What if you get yourself sick you remember what happened last time
surgery for a stye in your eye now there’s that coronavirus too you could get your parents your brother your friends sick too don’t you care about that don’t you care about me or anyone else at else at all stop imagining them sick jesus what’s wrong with you

Is it helpful?
They’re sitting on your bed again scream at them tell them to get the fuck off they’re ruining it don’t they know it’s your only safe place left in this germ-infested world can’t they see it’s bothering you where’s the Clorox wipes tell them to leave say you have to shower shut your door then disinfect everything everything they touched what did they touch the bed the light switch the door handles your phone your drawers your nightstand get it all so you can sleep again breathe again so your heart settles in your chest the only relief you’ll get tonight there’s gotta be more you missed see of course you missed something shouldn’t have washed your hands yet now you’ll have to do it again look how dry they are they’re bleeding you can’t keep doing this but please god I can’t sleep like this the bed has to be clean or you won’t sleep please just let me sleep

I wish I knew how to stop.

Take a minute.
Think this through.
You’re overreacting you know you’re overreacting you need exposure to build up immunity to protect yourself don’t you remember that

In for four.
Out for eight.
Your brain’s just trying to protect you.
But now it’s trying too hard.
You’re overworked and underappreciated, I know.
I know we’ll talk again tomorrow.


My mechanics

(2022). Series of relaxing restoration videos where someones care and attention brings previously non working objects back to life. CLICK HERE

Anxiety Canada 

(2020) Online resource providing self-help information, community programs and workshops, for individuals, educators, health professionals and care providers on anxietyCLICK HERE

Eight relaxation tips from Mind CLICK HERE


All aboard the sleigh ride

BBC (2015). Super relaxing viewing at a different pace. ​​​Slow TV at its best. CLICK HERE

Making a friend of Fear 

(2021) by Dina Rezek. Audio programmes detailing a change in anxiety level after a traumatic event and how we might learnt to recover. CLICK HERE

Seriously....The upsides of anxiety 

(2019) by Andrew Hussey. Gentle audio of how anxiety might help and often hinders us. CLICK HERE


The 1980s show helping us feel better 

(2020) BBC radio programme. How painting instruction has a calming content which can ease anxiety, reduce stress and help you get to sleep. CLICK HERE

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