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More than one can live

(2021) paper by Jessica Benjamin (begins 13 minutes into video.) Reconceiving harm and reparation in the intersubjective world. CLICK HERE


(2021) short video by Jessica Benjamin. Discusses the therapeutic value of the customer changing the therapist and the therapist changing the customer. Wonderfully clearCLICK HERE


(2020) Drama series detailing a process of group therapy partially on Zoom. Fly on the wall style. CLICK HERE

The difference between therapy groups and support groups

(2020) by psychologist Dr Nate Page. An overview which places therapeutic groups in context. CLICK HERE

How Dolly Parton led me to an epihany 

(2020) by Jad Abumrad. On finding the third, as a journalist. My newest, favourite Ted Talk. Wonderful. CLICK HERE

Why you should try therapy yesterday

(2019) Ted talk by Dr Emily Anhalt. A personal perspective on the upsides of therapy. Accessible and emotional. CLICK HERE


Enactment and the theory of the third

(2016) by Jessica Benjamin. Thoughtful talk about how we might move on from our traumatic experiences with the help of another person. CLICK HERE

Only one can live 

(2022) video talk by Jessica Benjamin. Describes transforming the reactivity of survivalism. The therapeutic basis for successful ruptures and repair in therapy. CLICK HERE


​​​​​​In therapy 

(2016) Psychotherapist Susie Orbach explores the private relationship between therapist and patient. One patient at a time A great introduction to therapy. CLICK HERE

What is psychotherapy?

(2002) by Babara Myers, BBC World service. Audio description of what therapy can be. The first of four programmes which include the history of therapytraining to become a psychotherapist and trauma work in therapy. A good enough introduction. CLICK HERE​​​

A borderline interest

(2020) radio play by Derek Owusu. Cautionary tale of unclear boundaries in a helping relationship.


A life scientific

(2020) with Prof Richard Bentall. Gentle and thoughtful discussion of how psychological approaches can help people experiencing psychotic experiences. CLICK HERE

The Analytic Third - the interpersonal dynamic of therapy - a brief explanation 
(2024)  ' is so important for the therapist to tolerate lengthy periods of doubt, inadequacy, feeling lost and having little confidence in her own current thoughts...listen to his patient's communications as he would a poem of a piece of literature...a delicate sensitivity to tone and rhythm, juxtaposition and inflection...If the psychotherapist gives the kind of attention....the therapy can seem to take off on its own, leading both parties down some unexpected routes....supporting and pulling against each other to prevent each other from collapsing into one [view], while always 'being on the move' (Gomez, 2017.) Identifying what we are going through together. CLICK HERE 
Breaking the Boundaries Collective – A Manifesto for Relationship-based Practice
(2024)'The implementation of strict, rigid and uncompassionate boundaries also risks causing harm.' Ethics and Social Welfare CLICK HERE

The surprising way we come unstuck in therapy 

(2023) by Andrew Perry. Blog looking at how we might come unstuck in psychological therapy by remaining in reciprocal roles. CLICK HERE

Putting words to desire

(2023) Andrew Perry. In therapy the parties can become both useful objects and collaborative subjects, with their own sexuality, for each other. CLICK HERE

Can you experience therapy through reading an article? 

(2020) by Andrew Perry. The aim of this article to reward the reader with a useful experience. To do so, it attempts to create a similar process to that of therapy, recreating as many of the factors as possible. CLICK HERE


(2020) book by Christie Tate. 'How one therapist and a group of strangers saved my life.' Suggests "you don't need a cure you need a witness.' Free review. CLICK HERE


(2021) by  Charles Guignon 'The self as an ‘existing individual’, understood as an agent involved in a specific social and historical world. One of their chief aims is to understand how the individual can achieve the richest and most fulfilling life in the modern world.' CLICK HERE

An introduction to object relations

(2008) by Lavinia Gomez. A wonderful reader on our need for relationships. A great start to understanding the human process. Free reviews. CLICK HERE

Developments in object relations

(2017) book by Lavinia Gomez. Complimentary to her excellent introductory text. Elaborating in particular on the work of Wilfred Bion and Masud Khan. CLICK HERE 


The gift of therapy

(2001) by Irving Yalom. A practical description of what can happen in therapy. Download it for free.



Beyond the doer and the done to

(2017) by Jessica Benjamin. The best description I have found of how the therapist and client can create a therapeutic experience together. Free reviews. CLICK HERE


Between therapist and client

(2000) by Michael Khan. Excellent overview of why insight might not be enough and how the relationship is the therapy. Free review. CLICK HERE


What happens when you have an affair with your therapist?

(2020) Observer article detailing the harm associated with breaching professional boundaries in this way. CLICK HERE

Like subjects, love objects

(1995) book by Jessica Benjamin. Asks 'what difference does it make when I consider the other to be not merely an object of my mind but a subject in his or her own right, equivalent to my own.' Free review. CLICK HERE

A relational perspective on enactments, boundary violations and self disclosure

(2020) article by Paul Renn. Wonderful description of loving and being loved within professional boundaries. A gift. CLICK HERE

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