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(2023). Free to use platform to find and join groups of interest online and in person. 'Where interests become friendships.' The best of the internet. CLICK HERE


All us strangers 

(2024) film starring Andrew Scott. Deceptively simple story that grows into an immersive account of childhood and its incompleteness. All in the context of a new relationship. Highly recommended. CLICK HERE


Your Reality

(2021) Multi-award winning psychological thriller. Focusing on gaslighting. A form of emotional abuse causing other people to doubt their sanity. Compelling. #Gaslighting #relationships CLICK HERE


Is that me?

(2023) Police Scotland. At the start of a relationship, we don’t always see the man we might become. CLICK HERE

State of the union

(2022) Nick Hornby's short, perfectly formed comedy of relationships on the brink. Two series, one in the UK the other the US. Grounding and realistic. CLICK HERE

Can exes be friends?

(2022) by the School of life. Outlines the drawbacks of remaining friends with former intimate partners. '...friendship, in any real sense, isn't faithful to love.' Sobering. CLICK HERE

Things not to say

(2020) BBC 3 series of ninety videos of different groups of peoples' experiences with stereotypes. Funny and insightful. ​​​CLICK HERE


The power of vulnerability

(2013) Ted talk by Brene Brown. Beautiful description of how communicating our vulnerability deepens our relationships. If you only watch one ted talk, this is the one. CLICK HERE


Why you should talk to strangers

(2016) TED talk by Kio Stark.The surprising mental health benefits of communicating with people we don't already know. CLICK HERE


People share their secrets

(2018) by Thoraya Maronesy. If you don't believe Kio Stark already, you can experience the intimacy of hearing someone else's truth by watching this series of videos. CLICK HERE

How great leaders inspire action

(2014) Ted talk by Simon Sinek. Explains how our passion can motivate other people to change. CLICK HERE


The drama triangle

(2017) by Karen Solt. Short video explaining how we can see ourselves, and other people, as simply victims, rescuers or persecutors. Rather than complex individuals. CLICK HERE

Living with bpd (borderline personality disorder)

(2019) BBC Radio1. Two personal accounts of relationship patterns. Warm and real. CLICK HERE

A brief history of lust

(2017) by Joe Queenan. Fun and exciting audio. CLICK HERE


(2017) by Guy Raz. How we might make the echo of the past quieter in our mind. CLICK HERE

A short history of solitude

(2020) by Thomas Dixon. Three radio programmes exploring the paradox of solitude in relationships.


Stop walking on eggshells

(2010) by Paul Mason and Randi Kreger. A guide to surviving problematic relationships. CLICK HERE


Reinventing your life

(1994) by Jeffery Young and Janet Klosko. A stimulating self help book based on a schema therapy approach to personal change. CLICK HERE


The history boys

(2004) by Alan Bennett. Brilliant play and film about adolescence, education and how we can pass it on. Free reviews and film trailers. CLICK HERE


The wisdom of psychopaths

(2003) by Kevin Dutton. Great take on how different capabilities thrive in different roles and fail in others. A curve ball. Free review. CLICK HERE

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Videos, audio and publications on General Health

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Videos, audio and publications on Anxiety

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intimacy & sexuality

Videos, audio and publications on Intimacy & Sexuality

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Videos, audio and publications on Mental Health

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Death & Dying

Videos, audio and publications on Death, Dying & Suicide

Managing emotions​

Videos, audio and publications on Managing Emotions

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Videos, audio and publications on Pain


Videos, audio and publications on parenting

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Educational Courses that may be of interest

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Links to my publications and articles

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Psychological therapy​​​​

Videos, audio and publications on Pshycological Therapy

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Social psychology 

Videos, audio and publications on Social Psychology

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Videos, audio and publications on Relationships

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depression & suicide

Videos, audio and publications on Depression


Videos, audio and publications on ME/CFS

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Videos, audio and publications for Veterans

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Videos, audio and publications on Anger

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Videos, audio and publications on Addiction

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