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Rona, from Benbecula
Me at Burr & co, Edinburgh in 1997.


I have been privileged to help people feel healthier for the past twenty five years

​​​​​​The breadth of my clinical experience covers anxiety, depression, ME/CFS, trauma, anger, forensic issues, relationship problems and severe mental health problems. 

On top of that I am a published author on traumatic stress, mental health advocacy, therapeutic environments and therapeutic relationships. Presenting scientific papers at national and international conferences. Practical blogs on how to come unstuck in therapy, put words to desirehave better sex, and/or build social relationships. I have also written personal articles about my own experience of anger, anxietydepression, ME/CFS, our secret relationship with money and how to take personal responsibility

All across my life I have developed a preferred practise of helpful relationships. These co-productive relationships are, in my experience, the most effective way to feel healthier. Creating new experiences, useful to you. ​This page further details my career and my specialism of helping by example. I also invite you to ask me questions about my background, clinical psychology qualifications, training and ongoing clinical supervision. I look forward to hearing from you. 


Finally, for a full video introduction of how I work see 'An interview with Dr Andrew Perry' (2021) with Dr Natalie Bodart 


Brief introduction
Andrew Perry

Brief introduction


MY career


A mental health advocate at Lynfield Mount Hospital in Bradford.


An assistant psychologist with the NHS in Gateshead.



A trainee clinical psychologist with the NHS in the East Midlands.


A clinical psychologist with St Andrews Healthcare in Northampton.


A clinical psychologist with Greater Glasgow NHS Trust. 


A clinical psychologist with The State Hospital NHS Trust.


A clinical psychologist with Cyrenians in Bathgate.

2019 to present

A clinical psychologist in private practise.

My specialism: helping by example

Therapy in a nutshell