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Racial Impostor Syndrome

(2017, June 8) Individuals talking and sharing their stories about racial impostor syndrome. CLICK HERE

Ethnicity and Identity

(2019, May 28). Author Candice Carty Williams discusses how her ethnicity impacted her identity growing up as a young black woman in the UK in her book 'Queenie'. She shares her experiences with Katie and Dr Radha. CLICK HERE


I'm Lebanese-Canadian but my white-passing appearance gives me a window into the racism of others.

(2019) This article explores the lives of Lebanese-Canadians who are perceived as white, shedding light on the difficulties faced by individuals such as James Chaarani, who must navigate the various ways in which they are perceived due to their appearance being different from that of a typical Arab person. CLICK HERE

Half and Half: Writers on Growing up Biracial .

(1998) The book explores the experiences and perspectives of individuals who identify as biracial, having parents from different racial or ethnic backgrounds. 

It's about time the Peanuts gave Franklin a home, and an overdue identity of his own. 

(2024) The article discusses how the creator of "Peanuts," Charles M. Schulz, forgot to give Franklin, the Black character, a last name for 26 years until 1994. Recently, Franklin gained prominence in the show "Snoopy Presents: Welcome Home, Franklin" on Apple TV+, marking the first significant expansion of his character, occurring long after Schulz died in 2000.  CLICK HERE

I learned the hard way that racial identity matters

(2021) This article delves into the complexities of personal identity, focusing on instances where individuals discovered discrepancies in their racial heritage. It highlights the emotional impact of identity deception and advocates for honest dialogue and pride in the cultural background within transracial families. It warns against a colour-blind approach, emphasising the importance of acknowledging and celebrating racial differences to nurture positive self-identity in children. CLICK HERE

ADHD has become an identity, not just a disorder. We need a new way to talk about it

(2023) This article discusses changing perspectives on ADHD, highlighting a shift towards viewing it as part of one's identity rather than just a disorder. The article discusses the development of a supportive community among adults with ADHD, and proposes the term "pelagic" to describe cognitive patterns related to ADHD.  The author advocates for a more nuanced understanding of ADHD and calls for support systems that embrace neurodiversity. CLICK HERE


My identity is a superpower -- not an obstacle

Ferrera, A. (2019). | America Ferrera. In YouTube. CLICK HERE

Dear Bradford: a love letter to a misunderstood city – documentary

Ravi Amaratunga Hitchcock, Vivek Vadoliya, Ekaterina Ochagavia, Charlie Phillips and Lindsay Poulton (2021).  

''When I was entering teenage-dom, home began to feel a bit claustrophobic and inward-looking.'' 


''... to what cousin had once told me, there will come a point where you need to stick to your own. I didn't even know who my own was.'' 


This documentary tells the story of Farhaan, who grew up in Bradford amidst persistent stereotypes about the city. He felt the need to hide his identity and eventually left Bradford, only returning reluctantly due to the pandemic. Through his connection with his grandmother ('Amma') and the poetry of his late grandfather, Farhaan learns to appreciate Bradford and embrace his heritage. The account highlights the intergenerational journey of one family and reflects the experiences of many diaspora families in the UK and beyond. Watching this documentary made me realise that I share similar feelings with Farhaan, having to leave a city I grew up in to find myself since I did not know who I was. CLICK HERE

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