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Forensic Psychology & Psychiatry

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Murder trial

(2024) Three real cases of murder. Tried in court. Grounding insight into contemporary culture. CLICK HERE



(2023) film by Emerald Fennell. A visceral, sexual and violent study of psychopathy. Enacted as a narcissistic fantasy of destruction. Focused on a family who became spoiled to death. Free trailer. 'When I Am Playing with My Cat, How Do I Know She Is Not Playing with Me? - Montaigne CLICK HERE

The sixth commandment 

(2023) dramatisation of a complex forensic case. Featuring what appears to be psychopathic behaviour. Compelling, educational and ultimately inspiring. CLICK HERE

Misha and the wolves

(2022) Extraordinary tale of one woman's experience of WW2 and the aftermath. Sometimes we can be both the victim and the villain in our own story. CLICK HERE

The shawshank redemption

(1994) film featuring two imprisoned men find solace and eventual redemption through acts of common decency. CLICK HERE


(2019) humane two part documentary examining the work of this high secure psychiatric institution in West London. CLICK HERE

Domination & submission  

(2021) lovely ten minute video by Jessica Benjamin. Explains the function of domination and submission in a psychodynamic context and a gendered world. CLICK HERE

Rise of the Nazis

(2023) The Manhunt: 1. Most Wanted: including insights from Gwen Adshead CLICK HERE


How to spot a liar

(2024) by Zoe Williams. 'In The Traitors – and in life – what will undo you is letting yourself become certain on the basis of too little information or ambiguous evidence.' CLICK HERE

Permission to come alongside: the story of Jorge and Yousef

(2017) Andrew Perry & Frank Reilly. We believe both that people are capable of helping each other, in forensic services, at a deeper level than the existing social order currently envisions and that this is in our self interest. We think co-productive relationships are one means to achieve this outcome. CLICK HERE

The therapeutic milieu under fire: security and insecurity in forensic mental health

(2012) Gwen Adshead et al. A groundbreaking book exploring the psychodynamics and politics of the forensic therapeutic milieu It sets out a psycho-social framework for understanding the predicament and the needs of those who live in, and those who work in, forensic mental health settings. Free review. CLICK HERE

Becoming ethical 

(2009) by Alan Jenkins. A parallel, political journey with men who have abused. His concept refers to understanding the political nature of the intervention and the belief that our journeys as workers must mirror the journeys of our clients. Free review. CLICK HERE

Institute for addressing strangulation
(2024) resource exploring the implications of this behaviour. CLICK HERE 
This thing of darkness
(2023) Wonderful audio drama detailing the treatment of an arsonist and their victim. Highly recommended. CLICK HERE
Treating violent offenders

(2020) by Gwen Adshead. Thoughtful audio interview considering how therapy could help make society less violent. CLICK HERE

The devil you know 

(2021) by Gwen Adshead & Eileen Horne. Audio programme presenting cases of forensic psychotherapy. Calm, clear and humane. CLICK HERE

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Videos, audio and publications on General Health

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Videos, audio and publications on Anxiety

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intimacy & sexuality

Videos, audio and publications on Intimacy & Sexuality

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Videos, audio and publications on Mental Health

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Death & Dying

Videos, audio and publications on Death, Dying & Suicide

Managing emotions​

Videos, audio and publications on Managing Emotions

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Videos, audio and publications on Pain


Videos, audio and publications on parenting

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Educational Courses that may be of interest

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Links to my publications and articles

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Psychological therapy​​​​

Videos, audio and publications on Pshycological Therapy

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Social psychology 

Videos, audio and publications on Social Psychology

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Videos, audio and publications on Relationships

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depression & suicide

Videos, audio and publications on Depression


Videos, audio and publications on ME/CFS

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Videos, audio and publications for Veterans

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Videos, audio and publications on Anger

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Videos, audio and publications on Addiction

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