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Hello, my name is Andrew Perry. I believe people can help each other.

I specialise in helping by example. I offer free health resources, a blog, a weekly online therapy group and free initial sixty minute consultations.

It's ordinary to have times when we feel less healthy than others. Then receiving help to feel healthier. People helped to rediscover the bravery to change their experience. People like us. 

I think everyone deserves help to feel healthier. I am offering you that help to feel healthier. I will listen to you, respond to you, and help by example. ​Providing new ways of dealing with your problem. The practicalities of feeling healthier.​​​​​​​​ I offer consultations throughout the week. These are by video conferencing or telephone.


Thinking about receiving help triggers different feelings for me. Sadness in recognising that I need help, anxiety about the change help brings and happiness about becoming healthier. Feelings that communicate, to me, the importance of changing my current experience. I invite you to receive help to feel healthier.​



1:1 AVAILABILITY : Consultations available week beginning (12/7/20 - 19/7/20.)

GROUP THERAPY AVAILABILITY : Tickets available for (9/7/20.)

LATEST BLOG : My experience of not taking personal responsibility (28/6/20.)  

LATEST FREE HEALTH RESOURCE: Black Psychoanalysts speak (2020) Fascinating video accounts of race while being a therapist (9/7/20.)


The benefits of Receiving Help

I have a reputation for putting the needs of my clients first. I do this through warm and safe professional relationships. I work hard independently for you. Evidence for these claims can be found from my results, blog, employment history and publications.

I am a qualified clinical psychologist. Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and certified by the British Psychological Society (BPS.) I hold a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Leicester (2007.) I have worked in mental health, for the past twenty two years, in the NHS, charities, and private practice.

I love at applying psychology to help people feel healthier. Using cognitive, behavioural, systemic and psycho dynamic understandings. Each consultation is unique to your circumstances.

I understand that privacy can be important to take the risks required to feel healthier. I have a privacy policy and work to the codes of ethics of the HCPC and BPS. I am also a member of the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme of disclosure Scotland. These require honest, trusted and confidential relationships where you get the credit. 


Receive help

Book a consultation, ask questions, give feedback or make suggestions of free health resources.


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