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Psychological therapy through reading an article?

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Vicarious experience as a proxy for joining in.
Bibliotherapy has a long history in culture.
'The aim of this article is to reward the reader with a useful experience. To do so, it attempts to create a similar process to that of therapy, recreating as many of the factors as possible. I will imagine your responses on the basis of my experience. There will necessarily be generalisations and mistakes. Also, as with all attempted therapeutic experiences, there is no guarantee of the outcome. So, I invite you to take time a little time to consider before deciding whether to read on. Do I consent to participate in this written experiment?'

The full article can be found here: It concludes 'So the answer to the question ‘Can you experience psychological therapy through reading an article?’ seems to be yes and no. It feels like it's been a vicarious experience, like having a bath with your wellies on. We can mirror the sensation of immersion in water in our mind, but not the visceral reality of the actual experience. Perhaps the goal of raising your psychological health from reading an article was overambitious. However, hopefully the article has been a good preparation for more helpful relationships to come for you.'

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