'You have been absolutely amazing and helped me immensely'


'I felt comfortable at every session [of therapy] and felt I could share my struggles in a safe environment. 
After my sessions I have felt my anxiety improve and understand better why it happens and how to cope with it.'


'Andrew always impresses with his strong clinical knowledge, insight and compassion for patient care. I would highly recommend him in whatever clinical or research capacity he should choose.'

'Andrew is fully committed to enabling and supporting change for people that has them at the centre. He was central to my journey from downtrodden bureaucrat to researcher to maker and shaker in mental health. We worked very closely together to develop a model of co-production in forensic secure settings which reflected what we had observed: that it does happen and that it occurs when staff see the person and not their offence and when they give a little of themselves to generate a 'genuine' relationship which supports therapeutic and personal outcomes for patients and staff. Thankfully we continue to work together with inspiration which keeps us fighting the fight.'

Frank Reilly MIHM FHEA FRSA - Director - Scottish Recovery Network

'I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew at the above address for almost 2 years.  First of all, in the capacity of being my supervisor at placement when I was a student Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, and then laterally as a colleague, when he was my supervisor in his role as Senior Recovery Worker. In his role as my supervisor, he was always very supportive, attentive and created an excellent therapeutic alliance through being attentive and supportive. In my capacity as a student Andrew nurtured my learning and encouraged me to develop my own learning style.  As a colleague, Andrew was supportive in developing my skills as a Group Facilitator, working with addiction. As a tutor, Andrew assessed potential clients suitable for the Cyrenian Empowerment Recovery Programme (CERP).  He brought his own professional style when he developed and facilitated group sessions for clients in currently in Recovery, which led to participants feeling more empowered, improved confidence and self-esteem.'

Cathy Bain - Cognitive and Behavioural therapist

'In Andrew's work as a Mental Health Advocate he demonstrated an insightful and detailed understanding of individual mental ill health issues and the wider context of mental health. Andrew has a commitment to ensuring positive change in the understanding of mental ill health that impact on recovery and service development.' 

Sharon Cullerton - Director Bradford & Airedale Mental Health advocacy group (now Vital Projects)

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