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"The Importance of Embracing Multiculturalism: Lessons Learned From Living in Sweden and Lebanon"


As a child, I had the opportunity to grow up in Lebanon and Sweden and experience two vastly different cultures. From a young age, I witnessed the stark contrast between the Western and Eastern ways of living. This left a lasting impact on how I view the world. Despite challenges, I embraced both the Lebanese and Swedish cultures. 


Hofstede's theory on cultural dimensions provided insight into how cultural differences shape behaviours, values, and beliefs across different societies. The constant state of travel and absence of a permanent home made it challenging to fully identify with either country's culture. The experience of navigating multiple cultural contexts and adapting to new norms and customs can be both enriching and disorienting.


In summary, my multicultural upbringing defines me. Materials that resonated: 


Racial Impostor Syndrome

(2017, June 8) Here Are Your Stories. . CLICK HERE


My identity is a superpower -- not an obstacle

Ferrera, A. (2019). | America Ferrera. In YouTube. CLICK HERE

"Coping with change: Navigating transition with resilience and growth "

Changing schools, often due to the constant moving between countries, moving homes, and ultimately leaving to study in Scotland, brought waves of change as an adolescent. It was like playing a never-ending game of musical chairs, except the chairs were schools and countries, and the music was the constant relocation.


Keeping in touch with my old friends and maintaining social relationships with my peers was and still is increasingly challenging. The distance and time constraints made meeting up and catching up difficult. I missed the familiarity and comfort of my old school, and it took some time to adjust to a new environment and make new friends. Starting my venture as an undergraduate in a foreign country during the pandemic did not make it easier for me to adapt and feel a sense of belonging. 


However, I ultimately found stability during my university years, where I matured and gained insight into coping with change (or at least trying). 


Materials that resonated:

Stasova, J. (2021, December 22). My Life as an International Student | Blog | Students | The University of Aberdeen. CLICK HERE 

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