About Andrew

I have been privileged to help people feel healthier for the past twenty two years.

​I began my career as a patient with CFS/ME and depression. Recovering many times, through good luck, my own efforts and receiving help. Receiving help also showed me how to use my experiences for the benefit of others.


So I took my first paid post as a mental health advocate in Bradford (1999-2002) becoming an assistant psychologist in Gateshead (2003-2004) and then a trainee clinical psychologist in Leicester (2004-2007.) Subsequently working as a qualified clinical psychologist with St Andrews Healthcare in Northampton (2007-2009,) with Greater Glasgow NHS Trust in Bridgton (2009-2010,) with the State Hospital NHS Trust in Carstairs (2010-2017) and with Cyrenians in Bathgate (2017-2019.) I have developed a private practise as part of my work since 2017.


My bredth of clinical experience covers, anxiety, depression, me/cfs, trauma relationship problems, severe and enduring mental health problems. 

I am a published author on traumatic stress, mental health advocacy, therapeutic environments and therapeutic relationships. Presenting scientific papers at national and international conferences. I have also written personal articles about my experience of depression, ME/CFS, anger, not taking personal responsibility and intimacy/sexuality.

All across my life I have developed a preferred practise of helpful relationships. These co-productive relationships are, in my experience, the most effective way to feel healthier. This means me helping by example. Creating new experiences useful to you. ​Please ask me questions about my background, qualifications, training and ongoing clinical supervision.


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